Latina Equal Pay Day

It' national #LatinaEqualPayDay and let me tell you that it's a REAL thing. It's something I didn't catch onto until deep into my position, and foolishly hoped my hard work would prove I was worthy of more. Spoiler alert: it only made it easier to take advantage of me. I took a position I admit… Continue reading Latina Equal Pay Day

If At First You Don’t Succeed

Per my usual habit, I fell off my commitment. I wanted to write everyday, but life gets in the way, and more accurately, I find ways to avoid it. I get caught up in the idea of perfection. I want my blog to be prettier, I wish I wrote better, Is any one even reading… Continue reading If At First You Don’t Succeed

An Introduction

I wanted to write again consistently, but ended up not following through. Ugh. Life got in the way and I ended up missing Day Two of my Blog Challenge. A water line burst yesterday and took up most of my day. So I wasn't being neglectful, just exhausted and fed up by the end of… Continue reading An Introduction

La Muerte

It's a double post today because I need to get started on this challenge. Day One: My Thoughts on Death. I'm not necessarily religious, but I do consider myself spiritual, so I believe that when your time comes, then it's your time. I don't think about "all the things I haven't done" or "why didn't… Continue reading La Muerte

Reset, Restart, Re-Do

A little over a year later and I'm back! I've been on and off writing for so long and have attempted to commit to writing everyday so. many. times. But, each time I give up, I get lazy, or I forget. However, unlike my previous attempts at keeping a blog, this is the first time… Continue reading Reset, Restart, Re-Do

Day Eighteen: Adventure is Out There

I'm on a time crunch so this will be a short post. I like to try new things. All sorts of things. Activities, food, experiences, you name it, I'll try it. I truly believe that everyone should try something once and Then make a decision whether or not they'd ever do it again. I like… Continue reading Day Eighteen: Adventure is Out There

Day Seventeen: Shaken, Not Stirred

I was raised like a good Catholic Mexican. Church on Sundays were mandatory, dresses and nice shoes required, and of course mass was always in Spanish. As your typical child, I was bored and fidgety, but I understood it was something I had to do. As I grew older I became more involved in the… Continue reading Day Seventeen: Shaken, Not Stirred

Day Sixteen: Game Changing Book

As I've mentioned before, I love to read. I think every book I've read has impacted me in one way or another. Whether fantasy or non fiction I usually get something out of the books I read. So I don't know one that has Changed my life, but I can tell you about my most… Continue reading Day Sixteen: Game Changing Book